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12-02-2018 New Deal
February 13, 2018

A cocktail quite similar to the Toronto (15-01-2018) except that it employs Amer Picon in place of Fernet-Branca is the New…

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11-02-2018 Highland
February 13, 2018

Highland – Old Waldorf Bar Days Dash of Orange Bitters One-half Scotch One-half Italian Vermouth Stir Dalmore whisky must have one…

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10-02-2018 Mississippi Punch
February 11, 2018

Mississippi Punch – Jerry Thomas One wineglass of Brandy One half wineglass of Jamaica Rum One half wineglass of Bourbon whiskey…

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09-02-2018 Barbary Coast
February 9, 2018

Barbary Coast – David Embury 1 part Orange Juice 1 part Italian Vermouth 4 parts Whisky 1 dash Chartreuse (yellow) to…

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04-02-2018 Lafayette
February 5, 2018

Lafayette – David Embury The Lafayette is, in effect, a medium Manhattan with Dubonnet substituted for Italian Vermouth 1 part French…

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25-01-2018 Robbie Burns
January 28, 2018

Robert Burns – Old Waldorf Bar Days It may have been named after the celebrated Scotsman. Chances are, however, that it…

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20-01-2018 Byrrh Cocktail
January 21, 2018

Byrrh Cocktail – David Embury There are two cocktails made with Byrrh, one with gin and the other with rye, both…

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15-01-2018 Toronto
January 16, 2018

Toronto – David Embury 1 part sugar syrup 2 parts Fernet Branca  6 parts Canadian whisky 1 dash angostura This cocktail…

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10-01-2018 Saratoga
January 12, 2018

Saratoga – Jerry Thomas Use small glass Two dashes of angostura bitters One pony of brandy One pony of whiskey One…

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06-01-2018 Manhattan
January 8, 2018

Manhattan (SWEET) – David Embury 1 part Italian Vermouth 2 parts Whisky 1 dash angostura to each drink As above noted…

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