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27-06-2018 Vivary
July 5, 2018

Vivary – Recipe from the ‘Old Waldorf Bar Guide’ VIN MARIANI  Dash of Orange Bitters One-third Italian Vermuth Two-thirds Vin Mariani…

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04-05-2018 Chicago Fizz
May 8, 2018

Chicago Fizz – Recipe from ‘Old Waldorf Bar Days’ An importation from the Windy City long before bombs, machine guns and…

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21-02-2018 Yale Fence
February 22, 2018

Yale Fence – David Embury 1 part Italian Vermouth 1 part Applejack 1 part Gin Stir. Twist of lemon over each…

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20-02-2018 Delmonico
February 21, 2018

Delmonico – David Embury This is a plain Manhattan with Cognac substituted for whisky. 1 part Italian vermouth 2 parts Cognac…

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03-02-2018 Manana
February 5, 2018

the following is the original formula as given to me by Herb Smith of the Spanish Room in the Deshler-Wallick Hotel…

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18-01-2018 Cold Rum Flip
January 18, 2018

Cold Rum Flip – Jerry Thomas One teaspoon of powdered sugar dissolved in a little water One wineglass of Jamaica rum…

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