Cocktail 365 Blog

In 2018 as a New Year’s resolution I will be trying a different classic cocktail every day for a year.

This blog will be that journey, and will be a combination of cocktail recipes, photos and a drinking journal for 2018. for more information please visit the Intro post.

We hope you enjoy joining us on this cocktail crawl as much as we plan on enjoying it

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12 Jan11-01-2018 Japanese Cocktail

Japanese Cocktail – Jerry Thomas Use small bar glass One teaspoonful of orgeat syrup One half teaspoon of bitters One wineglass…

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12 Jan10-01-2018 Saratoga

Saratoga – Jerry Thomas Use small glass Two dashes of angostura bitters One pony of brandy One pony of whiskey One…

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12 Jan09-01-2018 Clover Club

Clover Club – Embury 1 part grenadine or raspberry syrup 2 parts lemon juice 8 parts gin 1 egg white to…

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09 Jan08-01-2018 Vodka Special

Vodka Special – Embury 1 part crème de cacao 2 parts lemon juice 8 parts vodka Shake thoroughly with cracked or…

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08 Jan07-01-2018 Brandy Milk Punch

Brandy Milk Punch – Embury 2 to 3 ounces of the selected liquor ½ pint sweet milk Sugar to taste Prepare…

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08 Jan06-01-2018 Manhattan

Manhattan (SWEET) – David Embury 1 part Italian Vermouth 2 parts Whisky 1 dash angostura to each drink As above noted…

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08 Jan05-01-2018 Czarina

Czarina – David Embury 1 part French vermouth 1 part Italian vermouth 6 parts vodka 3 or 4 parts apricot brandy…

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08 Jan04-01-2018 Kangaroo Cocktail

Vodka Martini or a Kangaroo Cocktail – David Embury 2 parts French vermouth 4 parts vodka Added 1 part tomato…

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08 Jan03-01-2018 – Tovarich

Tovarich – David Embury 1 part Kummel 2 parts lime juice 8 parts vodka Shake with cracked ice   The word…

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08 Jan02-01-2018 – Katinka

Katinka – David Embury 1 part Apricot Liqueur 2 parts lime juice 8 parts vodka Shake well with crushed ice, some…

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