White Elephant – Recipe from the ‘Old Waldorf Bar Guide’

One-third Italian Vermuth 

Two-thirds Dry Gin 

White of one Egg 


There are two elephants worth mentioning, a white elephant, being something troublesome or costly which is tricky to get rid of, and a pink elephant, meaning more of a hallucination.

There are several ‘martini + egg white’ recipes, all of which taste a little lacking in something, the egg white and texture overtakes the drink to some extent, and the flavour isn’t normally strong enough to fight bits way through, this was not one of those.

What the other drinks lack is a little sugar, which in this drink is amply supplied by the red vermouth, Antica formula of course. Making it at work I used Aquafaba instead of egg white and it turned out beautifully, although I think whoever invented it missed a trick as its much more pink elephant than white, as getting rid of this drink proved no problem at all, and with enough of them it’s alter-ego could raise its trunk.