Grand Slam – Recipe from David Embury’s ‘The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks’

Manhattan with the addition of 1 or 2 teaspoonfuls lime juice and 2 or 5 dashes curacao to each drink. Stir. 

Another drink also known as the Grand Slam consists of 1 part grenadine and curacao (half and half), 2 parts lemon juice, and 8 parts white label rum.

I had time and my wife couldn’t decide which of the two she wanted so I made both.

The Daiquiri caught her eye, so she tucked into this one.

As you can see from the images and the recipes the two drinks have zero in common, the first being a Manhattan variant and the second being a Daiquiri variant.

The Daiquiri variant is pretty boring, nice as it has all the parts in the correct proportions for it to be a good drink, boring as it doesn’t really have any different flavour or depth to a normal sour, so not really worth spending any real time on.

The Manhattan on the other hand was very interesting, the citrus works surprisingly well in this drink, from memory there’s been another like this, the uptown Manhattan on the 10th September, I actually prefer this with the lime vs the lemon, and in a reduced amount. Well worth a try.

I ended up with the Daiquiri, apparently, I wasn’t the only one that preferred the Manhattan.