Armour – Recipe from the ‘Old Waldorf Bar Guide’

Two dashes Orange Bitters 

One-half jigger Sherry 

One-half jigger Italian Vermuth

Stir; strain

This was a nice light drink to protect me from the trials of a baking hot London day. It’s a simple recipe very similar to a Bamboo (02-06-2018) only using Italian instead of French vermouth. It’s a formula which has many variations due to the variations in flavour found in its ingredients, I used an Oloroso Sherry and Carpano Antica Formula, figuring a more full bodied Sherry would be needed to stand up against the Carpano, and was right on the money.

It’s a great light sipping drink, that with small changes in style of ingredients gives you an endless number of variations to try, and would make for a wonderful sunny afternoons task.