DAIQUIRI DE LUXE – Recipe from David Embury’s ‘The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks’

1 part Orgeat or Creme de Ananas 

2 parts Citrus Juice made by mixing the juice of 1 large Lemon with that of 3 or 4 large Limes 

8 parts Cuban White Label Bacardi or Havana Club Rum 

Shake vigorously with plenty of finely crushed ice and strain into chilled and frosted cocktail glasses. 

No decoration should be used with the Daiquiri because it is a cloudy cocktail. Cherries, olives, etc., are used largely as a matter of eye appeal and therefore belong primarily with clear, translucent cocktails such as the Martini and the Manhattan. 

All rum drinks (except hot toddies and the like) should be frigid when served. Rum, like vodka and aquavit, is at its best when stinging cold. For that reason, it is best to use finely crushed ice, pre-chill both shaker (to minimize dilution) and glasses, and, when shaking, shake as if you were suffering a super-acute attack of ague and Saint Vitus dance combined. The Frozen Daiquiri and other frozen drinks will be discussed in a later chapter.

This is stellar advice on how to shake a drink, and I couldn’t agree more on his method of serve for rum drinks, I think this partially because I associate rum drinks with hot climates, so who wouldn’t want these to be ice cold. I feel you should shake all drinks as hard as possible, I don’t feel that some drinks should be shaken at a slower or faster speed, the only difference is length of time shaken for, some drinks should be shaken for a shorter time to counter a build up of froth, but not many. I think that one of the biggest problems with getting mixed drinks is a lot aren’t shaken properly.

I tried his version with Orgeat, I don’t have a pineapple liqueur anywhere, although made with pineapple rum this is a great drink. I tried with his blend of citrus, my taste buds aren’t good enough to discern a difference here, oh, and I used Chairmans Reserve rum, not a white one……..