Waldorf – Recipe from the ‘Old Waldorf Bar Guide’

Dash of Manhattan Bitters 

One-third Whiskey 

One-third Absinthe 

One-third Italian Vermuth 


I’m not sure how it’s taken me this long to discover this little gem, especially considering the healthy dose of absinthe floating around inside.

Strangely, probably as I was still at work I thought dropping the absinthe a little might be a good idea and went for more of a 2-1-2 combination, which made it very palatable.

The recipe is identical to a Hearn’s Cocktail (25 June) and a slip away from a Crook (1st May), Loftus (30th July) or Vivary (27th June) for a progression from start to finish.

I think there’s a lot of work to be done looking at drinks changing by small proportions and the names and how these move from one drink to another, that I suspect is a good 3 months at best, so something for 2019 perhaps.

Regardless of its similarities, it’s a combination I like, and this is well worth a try, possibly without the wild turkey 101 which just meant the drink was more than a little punchy and knocked me around a little.