Armour – Recipe from the ‘Old Waldorf Bar Guide’

Two dashes Orange Bitters 

One-half jigger Sherry 

One-half jigger Italian Vermuth

Stir; strain

This seems like an awesome bar call, bartender, I need armour, now. I’d like to think that this sits alongside Dutch Courage in its naming, although where as Hollands Gin instilled its consumer with bravery, I like to think that this was developed to provide its owner with protection from a lousy day, or crowd, although it does seem to be fairly light in booze and I can think of several people that drive me to need more ethanol than this provides.

It also doesn’t answer the eternal question of what kind of Sherry to use, I used an Oloroso which is my favourite for mixing drinks, a Manzanilla would make this a lot drier with less richness, a whole different drink. The Oloroso also stands up well against the Antica Formula allowing flavours from both to make it onto the palate.

Not a bad light drink.