Bughouse – Recipe below from David Embury’s ‘The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks’

1 part Italian Vermouth 

3 parts Cognac 

1 teaspoonful Absinthe to each drink

Perhaps one of the least glamourous names for what is an excellent drink. Ever since I tried the Saratoga (10-01-2018) I’ve been on the lookout for Cognac and Italian Vermouth drinks and this does not let down, the Absinthe works beautifully in this, giving it just enough bite to be relevant, and carry across the anise flavours along with the bitterness, which go beautifully with Carpano Antica Formula, and the Cognac (Hennessy VS), this is a drink hidden away inside Embury, not showing in his ‘Aromatic’ chapters but merely lumped into ‘Other Short Drinks’ towards the back, a place which really doesn’t do it justice.

I’m a real fan of this drink, it’s the name that lets it down………….