Wall Street – Recipe from ‘Old Waldorf Bar Days’

Well, when a patron had got outside of an afternoon’s ration of this stimulant, he wasn’t able to care what had happened downtown before 3 o’clock. 

One-third Italian Vermuth 

Two-thirds Gordon Gin 

Frappe, with squeeze of Orange Peel on top

Yes, this is simply a Martinez, I’ve been moving ever closer with these recipes wondering if a big change in proportions makes a decidedly different drink and it doesn’t really. There is very little discernible difference between this and the Walter Monteith, although to be fair I’m not sticking to the Gin script as precisely as Crockett has requested.

With that in mind the drinks of this series of Martinez variants really only change in flavour with the gin, and nowadays that isn’t really sufficient for a name change with people brand calling for any drink. This recipe isn’t a bad one for tasting different properties and profiles in different gins, although nowhere near as revealing as a Martini as the Italian vermouth always seems to be punchier than French, meaning it covers over a lot of variations.

I really feel that the only way you can truly taste a difference is if you use wildly different gins in this drink, gins which skirt dangerously close to not being gin due to a lower Juniper flavour. I’d try this with Pink Pepper gin, or another with spice flavours predominate, maybe Ophir.