Bird – Recipe from the ‘Old Waldorf Bar Guide’

So named by the person on whom it was first tried. “That’s a bird!” he exclaimed, smacking his lips. And “Bird” was added to cocktail nomenclature. 

Twist two pieces Orange peel 

Fill glass with fine Ice 

Two-third Triple Sec Curacao 

One-third Brandy 

Two more Twisted Orange peels 

Serve as Creme de Menthe Frappe

Tonight I needed a drink more than I’ve needed one for a while.

We had a cocktail class tonight, on my favourite drinks of the year so far, and had a group of 4 woman turn up without having booked, swearing blindly that they had. We accommodated them and the proceeded to stand in the middle of the class talking and ruining the class for everyone else. They even managed to almost get into a fight in the middle of the class with 4 of the nicest people so I actually had to remove them, mid class. Never had to do that before.

Aside from them everyone was quite nice, and more than grateful to have them removed, and I think the class went well. I made the Tyrone, Barbary Coast, Cooperstown, Betsy Ross, Emerson and Country club. All went down well, especially the Tyrone with Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz, mostly as we actually had someone from Tyrone County.

This drink was more than welcome after a long and painful night. I did switch it around a little, swapped the proportions of Brandy and Curacao which made for a lighter much better drink. Its not great though, might be good on a hot summers day, just not particularly memorable, tastes like is missing something, just not sure what.