Miami – Recipe from David Embury’s ‘The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks’

Mint blends well with all the spirituous liquors and, when fresh mint is not available, creme de menthe may be used with a somewhat similar effect. Cocktails with a mint flavour are especially well liked on hot summer days. The use of white creme de menthe in place of sugar in a Rum Sour gives us the 


1 part White Creme de Menthe 

2 parts Lemon or Lime Juice 

8 parts White Cuban Rum 

Shake with finely crushed ice. The chilled cocktail glasses may be frosted, using creme de menthe to moisten the rim of the glass before dipping it in sugar. 

I’ve never been a fan of sugared rims, they look fantastic, and if you want to go full 80’s jelly crystals give you all sorts of silly colours, however I hate drinking through one so tend to avoid whenever possible.

And yes Mr Embury, mint does go well stupidly well with all spirits, especially in this crazy summer we’re having in London this year. The only issue I’m having with my crème de menthe is that the sugar levels are much lower than a plain sugar syrup so in the above proportions it comes out a little on the sour side, and this is something I’ve noticed whenever any drink essentially calls for the sugar to be substituted for a liqueur. In this instance I saw it coming and just added some extra sugar to balance the lime, and yes it’s a delicious drink, like a grown up, refined mojito without the annoying little bits of mint to pick out of your teeth on a date.