Walter Monteith – Recipe from ‘Old Waldorf Bar Days’

One-half Italian Vermuth 

One-half Nicholson Gin 


I have no idea who the Walter Monteith is that this drink is named after, there are plenty of them, but not many of any historical interest that I can imagine a drink being named after in the Waldorf. I wonder who he was, that he was that well known. One thing I have learnt about bars and the people you meet is that ‘who’ or ‘what’ aren’t important questions most of the time, its more whether you just like people and want to talk to them or not. I’ve always felt everyone should get the same service, and it should be excellent for everyone.

Amusingly I do get quite a few hits for Australians with this name, it being ANZAC day today and all.

I smile every time I see Nicholson’s Gin in a drink in this book, I’ve grown to grab this as a bit of a ‘go to’ gin, and used it in my cocktail class tonight.

There’s not to much to said about this drink, it’s a nice simple easy Martinez version, like so many cocktails from this book. What it does allow which I quite like is a cocktail without too much kick, so one that can have a follow-up or two without too much impact.