Boomerang – Recipe below from David Embury’s ‘The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks’ 1951

Medium Martini with a dash of Angostura and 2 dashes maraschino to each drink. Stir. A twist of lemon over each drink.

I found this tucked away as a two liner and thought it appropriate considering the cricket press storm hitting Australia at present. As a New Zealander I remember watching the game between the two countries in 1981, when with one ball remaining and New Zealand needing a 6 off it to draw, which I remember as being highly unlikely at the time, Trevor Chappell rolled the ball along the ground making the score impossible. It epitomised the phrase ‘not cricket’ and was perhaps the worst case of being bad sports cricket has ever seen. The more recent issue of ball tampering is a little less clear cut, but regardless its somewhat satisfying seeing someone cheat and get caught.

The drink is delicious, despite the world clamouring for dry martini’s, my newly found love of Italian vermouth means that I prefer this to a classic dry at present. The maraschino and angostura complement the vermouth nicely, and it tastes quite similar to a Za-Za (6th March). Which makes sense as I guess Dubonnet is a little bit like red vermouth with bitterness.