Bradford – Old Waldorf Bar Days

Not called after a celebrated Pilgrim Father, but after a town in Pennsylvania, whose name was often heard in the bar because E. E. Smathers, one of the well known patrons, earlier mentioned, came from Bradford, or thereabouts.

Two dashes Orange Bitters

One half Italian Vermouth

One-half Tom Gin

Twist lemon Peel on top

E. E. Smathers was born in Oil City, a stone’s throw from Bradford, and centre of America’s first oil boom in Pennsylvania, on the banks of Lake Erie. Smathers managed to ride the crest of this boom, selling his company, Consolidated oil for half a billion dollars (in today’s money) before the turn of the 20th century. Not long after the sale he spent less time hanging out with J. P. Morgan and pals and focused on his real passion, horses. This is what consumed the next period of his life, by 1905 he had 60 two-year old’s alone, and my guess is, this was in his beloved Bradford based on the prevalence of stud farms in the area today. Aside from these, Bradford’s only real claim to fame these days is that’s it’s the home of Zippo lighters, copied in developing economies all over the world.

The Drink itself is a good one, it’s a twist on a Martinez, and has a very similar flavour profile, only more gin heavy, with the Italian vermouth dialled back. The orange bitters and the lemon oil layer on top of this nicely.