Diplomat – Recipe from David Embury’s ‘The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks’

French and Italian vermouths, half and half. Otherwise follow the recipe for the Vermouth. 

This same drink with the addition of a dash of maraschino is known as the DIPLOMAT.

I would expect that this style of drink would be ideal for diplomats, with no strong booze inside you’d need to drink a LOT of them to start impairing your ability to negotiate, and on trying its not a bad drink, just a little dull. I remade the drink, changed up the volumes so its more alongside with a Queens Cocktail and it was a substantially different, and better drink. My final recipe was 4 parts Archie Rose gin from Australia, which at 54.5% has got a fair amount of punch, 3 parts Italian, three parts French and 1 part Maraschino and all of a sudden this was awesome, using Embury’s naming technique this would end up with a name with almost no connection to the original, so going with a more traditional method I’ll call this a Royal Diplomat.