Three to One – Recipe from ‘Old Waldorf Bar Days’

Reminiscent of a favourite term among conservative race track bettors. 

One-half Lime Juice 

One-third Apricot Liqueur 

Two-thirds Dry Gin 


A safe bet for the track, but not a particularly safe bet for a drink disappointingly.

It has all the parts of a good drink, but the ratios aren’t right for a modern palate. This is another of those drinks packed with sugar from the liqueur which spoils things somewhat.

It also makes me wonder again if palates have changed, or the amount of sugar in the liqueurs has changed. If the proportions were one quarter to three quarters, or even one fifth this would work much better, and the concept of the drink is a good one.

I could also see this working with other base spirits as well, pisco, tequila, cognac, grappa (I seem to be a little fixated by grape based spirits), with these proportions though its best left in the history books.