Chauncey – Recipe from the ‘Old Waldorf Bar Guide’

Dash of Orange Bitters 

One-fourth Tom Gin 

One-fourth Whiskey 

One-fourth Italian Vermuth 

One-fourth Brandy 

Stir; strain

Chauncey Rose was one of those wonderful old gentlemen that I truly hoped dripped from the ceiling at the Waldorf. One of 8 children he started businesses in milling, from success here he moved into real estate, and then railroads before following a career in philanthropy, donating large sums to hospitals, orphanages and polytechnics, several of which are still around today.

He spent most of his life based in Indiana, although two of his brothers had several businesses in Charleston (really hope the rum business) and New York, so I’m hoping this drink made it after numerous visits to the big apple to catch up with family.

The drink itself is surprisingly good, it looks to be just a combination of several spirits mellowed with Italian, but it ends up being more than that. All of the components play a part, although I must admit to not being a fan of gin in this kind of ‘relationship’, and without the gin we’d have a Saratoga (10th January), still firmly one of my favourite drinks, so I may be more than a little biased.