Goats Delight – Recipe from the ‘Old Waldorf Bar Guide’

Looks as if it would also make a goat forget. 

One-half Kirschwasser 

One-half Brandy 

One dash Orgeat Syrup 

One spoon Cream 

One dash Absinthe 


This isn’t the first time I’ve tried this drink, for obvious reasons, and because it pops up in more than one cocktail book in my library. The first time I had it one of my bartenders made it, and I’m not sure if it was his work, or a different recipe but I have no fond memories of it at all so had been putting off a return. The imagery on the page keeps calling out to me as I flip through and today I finally gave in and gave it a try, again.

As a rule, I hate using cream in cocktails, because of the fat its very hard to wash off bar equipment and you always seem to end up with some slimy kit no matter how hard you try to wash it off with hot water, which if you’re in a busy bar is far from ideal.

This drink was a pleasant surprise, I increased the brandy to give it a little more punch and used Cherry Heering instead of Kirschwasser at a lower volume and ended up with something that reminded me a little of black forest gateaux. Kirschwasser is a cherry brandy, where as the Heering is a liqueur, so quite different beasts.

Occasionally I get a little confused by the measurements in the Waldorf guide, ‘One-Half’ isn’t the most useful measure unless you know what it’s a half of, one spoon causes similar issues, and one dash of a thick syrupy liquid like Orgeat which cannot be used in a dash bottle is equally unhelpful, with the first I just go equal amounts and try and keep it at under 80ml of spirits for ‘One-Whole’, the spoon was a tablespoon, and a dash was 4ml, or a teaspoon.

The flavours work well together, and I would have another, maybe even try and get my hands on some cherry eau de vie to try the classic version of this.

I also just love the pic.