Olympic – Recipe below from David Embury’s ‘The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks’ 1951


This is a Daiquiri or Rum Sour with Cherry Heering substituted for the sugar syrup. 

1 part Cherry Heering

2 parts lime juice

8 parts rum

Today was a long, and very enjoyable day. We started the day with a couple of rum shops after a view over the island. Rum shops are awesome, small building, you buy a bottle of rum and mixers, and sit until its finished. As you can probably tell staying put for a while wasn’t a hardship, and 1 bottle turned into 4. From here we had a small cocktail competition which our small group managed to win, through good blagging, scavenging and mixing, the perfect combination for any overseas comp. Then onto a catamaran, during which, down to a not entirely cleverly thought out swim my phone moved from my shorts pocket to the ocean floor, so no cocktail picks for a day or three.

That evening while straining through a rum haze we had two hours free time before heading out for more drinks, I spent an hour of this at the bar where the bartender made me an Olympic, I remember this being quite nice, if not a little tart. I think that when this style of recipe omits sugar syrup in favour of a liqueur, it needs a little bit of syrup still to help bring out the flavours. I really like cherry as well, and will definitely have this again.