Natural  – Recipe from david Embury’s ‘The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks’

Still another brandy-and-rum combination, but this time with the rum predominating, is called the 


1 part Grenadine 

1 part Orgeat 

2 parts Lemon 

3 parts Brandy 

5 parts Cuban Gold Label Rum Shake with crushed ice

A strange name at best for the drink, which on reflection is not a million miles away from a Mai Tai., add some Cointreau, swap the lemon for lime, make it a all rum affair and voila.

As it happens, not such a bad drink at all, not spectacular and I found my taste buds wanting a Mai Tai, but not bad.

I do wonder if this is as close as Embury gets to Tiki, he seems far to serious to condone wild garnish and tropical fruit, although the book does list the Zombie amongst its drinks. I suspect that even this was a bridge to far, and no, no sign of a Mai Tai at all……..