Delmonico – David Embury

This is a plain Manhattan with Cognac substituted for whisky.

1 part Italian vermouth

2 parts Cognac

1 dash of angostura to each drink


The original Delmonico’s opened by two Swiss brothers of the same name started life at 23 William street, New York in 1827, and despite a few years of closure (including 13 years as a speakeasy during prohibition) still operates today, albeit in a different location.

At one stage there were 4 Delmonico’s in New York, and has hosted such luminaries as Mark Twain, Theodore Roosevelt, Oscar Wilde, Nikola Tesla, Edward VII and Napoleon III of France. Its been the birthplace of the Delmonico Steak, the wedge salad, Eggs Benedict, Manhattan Clam Chowder, Chicken A La King, Lobster Newburg and Baked Alaska.

As far as temples to food go, it doesn’t get that much better than Delmonico’s in New York, unfortunately it seems to have missed a beat or two regarding cocktails as there isn’t even a drinks list on their website.

Online the standard Delmonico version has a big slug of gin, and is made like a medium Manhattan, I’ve stayed Embury for this drink. I’ve started to really love the cognac and vermouth combination, and this time, while drinking a little slower I noticed the drink do that red wine thing where as it warmed, all the flavours and aromas from the vermouth really opened up.