Beachcomber – David Embury

If we substitute equal parts maraschino and Cointreau in place of the sugar syrup in a rum sour we have


½ part Maraschino

½ part Cointreau

2 parts lemon juice

8 parts rum

Today, loaded up with rum based cocktails to see me through the next few days I was fortunate enough to fly out to Barbados courtesy of Mount Gay rum for four days of food, rum, sun, distilleries and good company.

On our first night we stopped off at Daphne’s (sister restaurant to the one on Draycott avenue in Chelsea) and I got them to whip this up as my starting drink. It’s a simple variation of a Daiquiri, less sweet with liqueurs instead of sugar syrup, and due to an absence of lemons on a nice tropical paradise like this, lime juice. It works very well, I had them use Mount Gay Eclipse, a lighter and more mixable style of rum for a perfect aperitif.