Hawthorne –  David Embury

Sweet Manhattan made with equal parts Italian vermouth and Dubonnet in place of the straight Italian vermouth. One dash curacao to each drink. Stir.

So my recipe was

4 parts Whiskey

1 part Italian Vermouth

1 part Dubonnet

One dash Cointreau

Long day and I felt like one of the Manhattan’s cousins.

I always wonder where names come from, this is a little of a dead end, there’s dozens of Hawthorne’s in the US, and then close to Embury, or New York there’s at least one in each neighbouring state, the closest being a cute little town upstate and close to the Hudson, it seems a little twee to name this drink after so I’m guessing just a cool name, or a customer……..

The drink itself is well worth the ink, the Dubonnet works very well in place of some of the vermouth, and it’s a great drink if your having a Manhattan kind of day and need a little variation.