You and I – Recipe from David Embury’s ‘The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks’

A Whisky Sour with orange curacao in place of sugar syrup.

We ran this drink on our cocktail A-Z menu in the Chelsea Prayer Room at Goat for a while, at the time solely as it looked to be the best drink I could find with the very underused letter ‘Y’, it has since been replaced by a Yale fence, and tasting it tonight reminded me why.

Its an ok drink, but nothing to get excited about, sure its as good as a whiskey sour, only a slightly unbalanced and extra citrusy whiskey sour without enough sugar as curacao isn’t as sweet as sugar syrup. This is another of Embury’s ‘lazy’ recipes where he either hasn’t tried the drink, or couldn’t be bothered to find the right amount of curacao to sweeten it, in his defence it doesn’t state you should use the same amount, but there are no amounts…….

Not worth trying sorry.