Bismarck Fizz – Recipe from the ‘Old Waldorf Bar Guide’


Juice one-half Lemon 

One-half spoon Sugar 

One pony Raspberry Syrup 

One and one-half jigger Rhine Wine

Shake and strain; fill with Seltzer

I like a Fizz, especially a silver or golden fizz. This looked interesting, you hardly see any cocktails with wine in these days, unless you count sparkly or fortified wine, which I guess means vermouth.

This looked interesting, although I did wonder if it would work, and couldn’t resist adding some aquafaba to create a nice foamy drink.

Epically disappointing. It tastes like a slightly fruity cloud. I’m not sure if it’s the foam I added which has ruined this drink, or I suspect a poor recipe. The raspberry and sugar and citrus completely overpower the wine, and it has no discernible flavour. The kind of thing maybe for a hot summers day, not the kind of thing I suspect Bismarck would’ve touched with a barge pole.