Country Club – Recipe from David Embury’s ‘The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks’

Equal parts of French vermouth and white label rum with a few dashes of orange curacao to each drink. Stir. 

As previously noted, I believe that gold label rum blends better than white label in aromatic-type drinks. Try this drink both ways and see which you like the better.

This was delicious, and completely unexpectedly so, especially with such an innocuous name. I still don’t really understand what a dash of a thick viscous liqueur is, it wouldn’t work in a dash bottle so I’m assuming a teaspoon? The only mistake I made with this was being a little heavy handed with the Cointreau, outside of that it worked brilliantly as a drink. I used plantation 3-star white rum and Noilly Prat and the result was a delicious full buttery drink which I wanted a second of as soon as I finished the first one. This was as good as I thought red vermouth and aged rum should have been, but with a completely different texture and style of drink. I think I may have been lucky with my choice of rum and vermouth, but this is a drink which with a little bit of tinkering, for me, will be an alternative to a martini. My favourite to date is 5 parts rum, 4 parts vermouth and one part Cointreau, its still a work in progress though.

This is one of the best drinks I’ve had so far this year, play around with the rum and vermouth and I’ve found a new favourite, find it on our list at Goat ASAP.