Trinity – Recipe from David Embury’s ‘The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks’

A Dry Manhattan, using Scotch whisky with a dash of orange bitters a dash of apricot, and a dash of white creme de menthe to each drink.

So yet another Scotch Manhattan, I’m on this mostly as I’ve stopped cherry picking my way through the books and instead am working through drink by drink, if I have the ingredients.

A little strange that this drink should be called a trinity considering it has four ingredients inside, but heh, us bartenders are pretty lousy at coming up with new names for drinks to the point where we’ll often come up with a name and then reverse engineer a drink from it. Not ideal.

This creates quite the strange combination of flavours which ends up with the charm of a hard to find monastically created French liqueur, and it has an almost grassy taste from the combination of the menthe and apricot. This is well worth trying just to see how these ingredients combine to produce something a little out of the ordinary, I will go back to this little gem.