Trinity – Recipe from David Embury’s ‘The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks’

A Dry Manhattan, using Scotch whisky with a dash of orange bitters, a dash of apricot, and a dash of white creme de menthe to each drink.

A fairly peculiar name for a drink with 5 ingredients.

And a fairly strange combination of ingredients as well, I suspect that the impact of this is entirely down to the quality of the trinity (?) of dashed ingredients added into the Dry Scotch Manhattan, especially also down to the scotch used, I know the range was entirely smaller in the US 70 years ago, but even then for a standard scotch the flavours inside are way to powerful for a dash of apricot brandy or crème de menthe to shine through.

That being said I quite enjoy a Scotch Manhattan, either dry or ‘other’, and this was easily the best part of this drink, as even with me heavily handed teaspoon of liqueur I could barely taste it through the Dalmore.

Yes Dalmore, my mother in law drinks it, I buy it by the case, and it’s the only scotch I have around the house, I’m pretty sure they don’t think of themselves as a cocktail whisky, I have news for them.