Nutting – Recipe below from ‘Old Waldorf Bar Days’

Its namesake was Col. Andrew J. Nutting, of Brooklyn, an ardent patron of the Bar for many years. 

Dash of Orange Bitters 

One-half French Vermuth 

One-half Plymouth Gin 

Stir; strain

Colonel Andrew J Nutting was a civil war Colonel who lived at least to a ripe old age of 77 as one of the last pieces of information on him I could find was regarding the celebration of this birthday in the ‘Brooklyn Life’. It sounds like he was somewhat the life of the party and was amongst esteemed friends as his guest list includes judges and other ex-military personnel, if there is such a thing as being ‘ex’ after a certain rank. The fact that he had a drink named after him at the Waldorf hints at him being something of a ‘man about town’. He also seems to have lived something of a charmed life being able to split his time between a house in Palm Beach, Brooklyn, Berkshire and Connecticut.

The drink itself is a very wet martini with a dash of orange bitters, its nothing particularly special, and really just falls into the seemingly endless category in these old books of ‘variations on a Martini or Martinez’, almost less of a cocktail and more of a ‘serve’.