Commodore #2 – Recipe from the ‘Old Waldorf Bar Guide’

Named, according to Solon, after a man who was ranking officer either of the New York Yacht Club or the Larchmont Yacht Club. Anyhow, as there were two Commodore cocktails, there were enough to go around. 


One-third Lemon Juice 

One-third Bourbon Whiskey 

One-third Creme de Cacao 

Dash Grenadine Syrup 

Frappe in champagne glass

This is the second commodore for me this year, I tried the other a while ago now on the 30th May, and this is the better drink of the two. I love the use of chocolate with citrus, the last time I tried this was in the ‘Vodka Special’ on the 9th of January, a long time ago now but still relatively fresh in my mind. The thing I prefer about this drink though is the Bourbon, this compliments the Cacao much better than the vodka, which adds kick, but no discernible flavour through the citrus. I think chocolate is a much-maligned ingredient in drinks today, mostly as it tends to show up in sickly sweet creamy baileys-esque drinks which the industry seems to be moving away from. The only drink we currently use chocolate at Goat in is our Espresso Martini variant, and this is a dash or three of chocolate bitters which has become a bit of a wonder ingredient to me. Based on the success of this drink I think we’ll have to use more of the crème de cacao in drinks moving forwards, I’m sure its awesome with rum.