Milo – Recipe from the ‘Old Waldorf Bar Guide’

One-sixth Pomelo Bitters

One-third Italian Vermuth

One-half Plymouth Gin


It ‘s not often you see recipes with large amounts of bitters inside, and by a large amount I mean anything that isn’t just a dash or two, on seeing this I had to try it. Pomelo is a type of citrus, similar to a grapefruit, and was one of the original citrus fruit which humans managed to evolve into the variety we have today. I don’t think there’s a brand of Pomelo bitters on the market anymore, we do have grapefruit bitters though and I used this.

The drink is a good one, the red vermouth is the correct one to use with so much bitters, the sweetness balances out the bitterness, a dash of salt would also help to tone this down and let the flavours pop out a bit too. Simply put it’s a very classic recipe combination with the bitters added to dry it out and make it a better aperitif, well worth a try, and makes me wonder about experimenting with the other fruit bitters with other drink, I imagine a Manhattan with one sixth plum or cherry bitters would be awesome.

I had this outside Goat tonight with a work colleague I hadn’t seen for 6 plus years, hence the absence of a cocktail photo, drinking cocktails took over from ‘tasting’ cocktails.