Deauville – Recipe from David Embury’s ‘The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks’

1 part Grenadine or Raspberry syrup

1 part Chartreuse

8 parts Apple Brandy

1 teaspoon of lemon juice to each drink

Shake with cracked ice

This was perhaps a foolish start to a largeish night.

People have a nasty habit of making bets with me and losing, bets which always revolve around things to do with drink, and bets on which always rides a bottle of booze.

Tonight I had a couple of colleagues around to drink the results of a couple of those bets, and decided to try and make sure it had a civilised starting point, daiquiris (it was a baking hot day), Deauville cocktails, bottle of red wine and steaks, then lots and lots and lots of rum before the night vanished and I woke up fully clothed on the couch. Nice.

The Deauville’s filled a nicely almost sober timeslot before we moved onto lots of straight rum, and from (limited) memory were delicious.

Chartreuse has a place in my heart form bars in New Zealand of all places and this pairs beautifully with the Applejack. Deauville itself is seaside town in the Calvados rich Normandy region peppered with casinos, marinas and chateau’s. Applejack has no place being in this drink, but I guess this is the American version of Calvados, which I suspect might actually not mix quite as well, as applejack has a nice large amount of neutral unaged bourbon inside toning down the fruitiness which allows it to ‘play better with others’.

This I believe from my alcohol stained memory was a lovely drink, and well worth trying.