White Lion – Recipe from Jerry Thomas ‘The Bon Vivants Companion’

Use small bar glass 

One and one-half teaspoonful of pulverized white sugar. 

One-half a lime (squeeze out the juice and put the rind in the glass). 

One wine glass of Santa Cruz rum. 

One-half teaspoonful of curacao. 

One-half teaspoonful of raspberry syrup. 

Mix well, ornament with berries in season, and cool with shaved ice.

I’d like to think that this drink was the bestseller at a venue called the White Lion in New York, the truth is I have no idea, I can’t find any venues in NYC named the white lion, any famous architectural white lions seem to have appeared after the books was written, as was the first ‘recorded siting’ of an actual white lion (1920), so I’m hoping for the venue.

The drink itself is ok without being exceptional, and not particularly creative, being a Santa Cruz Rum Daisy with raspberry added. As opposed to being anything special this would be an easy workhorse of a drink, if maybe a little on the sweet side.