Supreme – Recipe from David Embury’s ‘The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks’

Another applejack cocktail that, except for the liquor base, resembles the Daiquiri de Luxe is the 

1 part Orgeat 

2 parts Lemon or Lime Juice 

8 parts Apple Brandy

1 dash Grenadine to each drink 

Shake well with cracked ice.

This is a delicious drink, and I feel like a little bit of a traitor saying it, but I prefer this to Embury’s Daiquiri De Luxe drink. I find the orgeat comes through much better in this drink than it did in the daiquiri, I wonder if this is because the applejack is a slightly more neutral spirit than the aged rum I used in the other and lets layered flavours like the orgeat come through more. I did make a couple of alterations to his recipe, I used 7 parts applejack not 8, merely to cut down a little on the booze, and to be honest I regret dropping this now, it could have done with the extra kick, I also added 0.5 parts sugar syrup just to balance out the citrus a little better after the last couple of his sat a little to far on the dry side and weren’t as palatable as they could be.

This drink has taught me yet again what a versatile and underrated spirit applejack is, and how easy it is to substitute it into drinks in place of rum.