Saratoga – Jerry Thomas

Use small glass

Two dashes of angostura bitters

One pony of brandy

One pony of whiskey

One pony of vermouth

Shake up well with two small lumps of ice; strain into a claret glass, and serve with a quarter slice of lemon

Back in London and straight to Jerry Thomas for my next drink.

I found this one looking through a couple of weeks ago, essentially it’s a Manhattan, only with the whiskey split into whiskey and brandy.

We also see the first of the peculiar old measurements, there’s some argument on the exact sizes, for ease of use I’m assuming a pony is approximately 1 ounce, or 30ml. this way we end up with a reasonably sized drink, especially for standard glassware.

I also reasoned that as it was very close to a Manhattan it would be equally appropriate in a Martini glass. Interesting that the two most famous and probably the most popular cocktails over the last 100 years, the Manhattan and Martini, are often enjoyed in the same glass, and that it’s a Martini glass NOT a Manhattan glass. I the Martini probably pre dates the Manhattan, but until much later these were just referred to as ‘cocktail’ glasses. I guess round one to the Martini.

David Embury in ’48 changes the proportions a little, tones down the brandy, I don’t think that version works as well as this.

After a long trip back from Moscow this appealed as something to enjoy for a while, and something easy to whip up at home. I wasn’t wrong, this is a great drink, and something I prefer over a Manhattan so far.