Coronation #2 – Recipe from David Embury’s ‘The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks’

Just as the Club Cocktail depends on whose club it is,

so does the Coronation depend on who is being crowned. Here are four versions:

No. 1. Two parts French vermouth and 3 parts sherry with 

2 or 3 dashes each of maraschino and orange bitters to each drink. Stir.

I would love to know whose coronation these drinks are celebrating, or if they’re just a name for a drink, and I suspect the latter is more accurate unfortunately.

I cannot find a favourite from the two so far, they’re both delicious in their own ways, the first (4th August) has Applejack, and is therefore difficult to fault, this has Sherry, same argument as the Applejack.

The maraschino works really well with this, the cherry, nuttiness works beautifully with the nuttiness in the oloroso sherry.

If finding good sherry and maraschino in bars with good bartenders was easy I would drink this a lot more, this is well worth trying.