Jersey – Recipe from ‘Old Waldorf Bar Days’

Dash of Boker’s Bitters 

Two dashes Syrup 

One jigger Apple Whiskey 


Applejack used to be known as Jersey Lightning, a term that grew from its use as a currency to pay road construction crews during colonial times.

The name arose from

“these workers need to git going faster”

“Just give em some Jersey lightning”

Its also home to Lairds Applejack Distillery so no prizes for where the name came from.

The drink itself is really just an Applejack old fashioned, served neat, and obviously works beautifully.

Lairds do a range of Applejacks, right up to an incredible bonded version, and all of them would work well with this drink.

One thing I didn’t know about Lairds is that there standard Applejack has whiskey blended into it to ‘fortify’, I’m guessing to expand volume, and also to make the flavour more accessible and main stream, for a very long time Lairds was the only Applejack available in the world, which must have been more than a little nerve wracking.