Baltimore Bracer – Recipe from the ‘Old Waldorf Bar Guide’


One-half pony Anisette 

One-half pony Brandy 

White of one Egg 

Frappe; fizz with Carbonic

I altered the recipe on this a little, I don’t have anisette, the closest thing we probably carry is sambuca, or maybe one of our pastises. I decided to go absinthe instead, with a teaspoon of sugar, with the absinthe to cognac ratio at 2-3. I also used a whole egg instead of just the white.

This is a version of Jerry Thomas’ ‘Saratoga Brace Up’ from the 17th of February, essentially the same drink, a royal fizz with brandy and anise, the key difference being the whole egg vs white, and the citrus and bitters in JT’s version.

The result was an excellent drink, a touch on the egg nogg side due to the egg, but the cognac and absinthe work together beautifully, and having a larger amount of absinthe provides the bitters making it quite delicious.

We tried it with some fresh nutmeg on top which was a bit of a waste of time, its nicer without.

This is well worth a try, I’m glad I stumbled across this a little later in the game. Great drink.