Seawanhaka Yacht Club Cooler – Recipe from the ‘Old Waldorf Bar Guide’

Complimenting a well-known yacht club. 


Whole peel of one Lemon 

Two lumps Ice 

One jigger Whiskey 

Fill with Ginger Ale

The Seawanhaka Yacht Club was founded in 1871 aboard a sloop at sea and has maintained an important place in American Yachting history ever since, with the clubhouse making it onto Americas list of historic buildings in the 70’s.

This drink is a little stolen, its basically a ‘Horses Neck’ without the lemon peel sticking over the side of the glass. This latter drink became popular just before the ‘Great Experiment’ in the US, I suspect it lasted through quite well as the citrus from the peel and the ginger ale combine well to take a lot of the edge of the bourbon.

This is a great long drink for a hot summers day, while out on your yacht, obviously.