Cold Brandy Flip – Recipe from Jerry Thomas ‘The Bon Vivants Companion’

Use large bar glass 

One teaspoonful powdered sugar. 

One wineglass of brandy. 

DISSOLVE the sugar in the water, add the brandy, egg, and ice, shake up thoroughly, strain into a small bar glass. Serve with a little nutmeg on top. 

One-half wineglass of water.

One fresh egg. 

Two lumps of ice.

This drink is firmly in my class of Egg Nogg drinks (I have this completely around the wrong way, but from my own personal experience Egg Nogg definitely came first) all of which I love. My parents made the mistake of making Egg Nogg one Christmas when I was little, and gave me a taste, I can remember absolutely loving it and not understanding why I couldn’t have more. My next Egg Nogg memories were of asking my parents every Christmas if we could have Egg Nogg, and it proving as elusive as El Dorado.

There’s something about mixing egg with booze and some sugar in a drink, it takes on an almost ice cream like quality that I can never get sick of, no matter how much effort I put into it.

This drink is no different, it was always going to taste great, I wasn’t disappointed at all. Just try it.