Tennessee – Recipe below from David Embury’s ‘The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks’

And here is one using maraschino in place of sugar syrup

2 parts Maraschino

1 part Lemon Juice

6 parts Whisky 

Shake with cracked ice.

Cherry trees grow wild in Tennessee, and found their way there a little like apples and Johnny Appleseed I suspect. The cherry tree is probably native to Turkey, from where it’s been spread all over the world, and arrived in North America with Dutch settlers on the shores of what is now New York.

I guess they thrived in Tennessee as there are plenty of Cherry orchards there now, along with wild trees and shrubs. There is one type of cherry which is native to North America, the Chokecherry, and this is one to be careful, although the fruit is ok to eat, most other parts of the plant contain cyanide in levels high enough to kill you in minutes. If it isn’t in a nice small plastic packet, or given to me by someone smart enough to know better I’m not helping myself to wild cherries in the states.

This drink is a winner, the maraschino goes really well with Bourbon, and I really enjoyed this drink and would thoroughly recommend it.