Cornell – Recipe from the ‘Old Waldorf Bar Guide’

A compliment to an institution at Ithaca, many of whose alumni—mining engineers and others—used it to toast Alma Mater. 

One-half French Vermuth 

One-half Gordon Gin 


Cornell was founded in 1865 by an Ezra Cornell and today its Ivy League campus is home to 21000 students from all over the States, and the world. It stretches over and area just over 9 square kilometers and was recently called the most beautiful campus in the world by travel and leisure magazine, with not only stunning architecture but also views over some of up state New Yorks finest scenery.

Which makes this one of the dullest drinks to pair with it, I’m not a Gordons fan anyway, but this seems a little imaginative for a drink to spring forth from the home of the brightest minds in the world.