Brown – Recipe from the ‘Old Waldorf Bar Guide’

Two dashes Orange Bitters

One-half French Vermuth

One-half Whiskey 


This was me feeling like a Manhattan, and finding this as a close approximation. Trying this really highlights how well Italian vermouth goes with whisky in comparison, although to rubbish this entirely would be quite mean as its actually a damn nice drink.

The French vermouth being a lot lighter really freshens up the drink, my perfect location for a Manhattan would be in a plush bar, or after sunset somewhere not to warm (so no to the tropics, in fact a Manhattan would almost be the exact opposite of what I’d want on a desert island. Desert island = Pina Colada) this drink is a lot lighter and fresher and is a much better lunch cocktail somewhere sunny and warm, like London in July.

The orange bitters are really a key part of this drink, and pair wonderfully with the vermouth, overall this drink is well worth a try, just make sure your drinking this in the correct terroir.