Albemarle Fizz – Recipe from David Embury’s ‘The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks’

Add 1 teaspoonful raspberry syrup to the finished Gin Fizz in the glass.

This has to be the most masculine drink I’ve tried so far this year, and if I’m honest about it I loved it, it tasted like an alcoholic soft drink and was suitably light and refreshing for a baking hot summers day.

Albemarle is a name I’ve used for a drink before, sometimes when looking for inspiration I’ll dive into google maps and choose an area I’m trying to represent concept wise, Albemarle Street in Mayfair is perfect for misguided aspirations.

I suspect rather than the Mayfair Street was not the source of the name for this particular drink, but its yet another named after a grand old hotel in New York.

The Albemarle Hotel in its day was a beautiful six story white marble temple to gastronomic heaven run by a famous French chef of the day. After its launch in 1903 it was known as a source of the ‘rarest of everything that the markets provided’, and its suites upstairs were mostly under permanent occupation by those who couldn’t bare the idea of breakfast without one of there famous croissants, no doubt with a fizz or three on the side to help fortify them for the day ahead, a day no doubt filled with mergers, acquisitions and war against small indefensible countries south of Miami.