Waldorf Gloom Lifter – Recipe from ‘Old Waldorf Bar Days’


Dash of Manhattan Bitters

One-third Whiskey

One-third Absinthe

One-third Italian Vermouth




Pony of Benedictine on Ice 

Cover and build in mound with sweetened Whipped Cream




Whiskey, with Claret floated on top



Apricotine and Lime Juice, equal parts 



Made same as Clover Club, but use 

Irish Whiskey 

One-half teaspoon Brandy 

White of one Egg 

Dash of Raspberry Syrup 

Dash of Grenadine 

One-half teaspoon Sugar 

So tonight, I’m doing cocktail class on ‘Drinking at the Waldorf’ and we’ve done an ‘Astoria’ (10-04-2018) already so I thought I should probably make a ‘Waldorf’.

The above are the recipes in the book with ‘Waldorf’ in the title. The top one is literally identical to the ‘Hearns’ (25-06-2018) which is a great drink, but identical so I won’t be making it.

The next sounds grim, I will not be making anything covered in a mountain of whipped cream.

Waldorf punch may make a showing soon, I’m a little curious, although I’ll be surprised if it does float, and the Frappe needs wholesale changes to make it work. Apricotine is an apricot liqueur, so just with lime juice will be like drinking sweet and sour sauce.

So, I’ve gone for the Gloom-Lifter, and made a rather large assumption that as its supposed to be ‘made same as Clover Club’ he somehow forgot to add in the lemon juice, which is key to the drink.

And its not bad, the whiskey works well in the drink, not to complex and tamed a little by the raspberry. The brandy gets a little lost, not sure if I’d bother with it again. Its also much better than the ‘Gloom Raiser’ (24-01-2018), so if I’m having an issue with gloom, I now know which way to turn.