Morning Glory – Recipe from David Embury’s ‘The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks’

1 part Lemon Juice 

3 parts Gin

1 dash White Creme de Menthe and

½ an Egg White to each drink 

Shake with cracked ice. Some recipes use 1 part whisky and 2 parts gin, and some use grenadine in place of the creme de menthe.

I like how varied some of the ‘some recipes….’ are. Adding whisky and grenadine instead of crème de menthe isn’t making the same drink, its so wildly different its either a completely different drink which just happened to have the same name or there were some seriously strained Chinese whispers going on in the 50’s. I never lose sight of the latter, today I feel we are incredibly lucky to be able to transfer information at the touch of a button, and reference it at anytime on the internet, its hard to remember a time before these tools when everything was transferred by being written or word of mouth. As you can probably imagine not a lot of people were going into bars with pen and paper so drinks were being ‘remembered’, and we all know how well our memory works when you add a martini or three.

I used Archie Rose gin for this one, and again when pouring in the very strong (54%) frozen gin it cooked the egg white, which is not a particularly enticing site, and really didn’t make me want to drink it, however this was a delicious drink, I think over-proof gin wasn’t the best idea, but the blend of gin, citrus and mint works very well, so well worth a try.