Frisco – Recipe from David Embury’s ‘The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks’

A very good whisky cocktail using Benedictine in place of sugar is the


2 parts Benedictine 

1 part Lemon Juice 

6 parts Whisky 

Shake or stir with cracked ice. In some recipes the lemon juice is omitted.

Every so often while flipping through the pages of these old books I’m reminded that they used to belong to another enthusiast at some stage, I’m not sure who thought this drink a good one, but they wanted others to know, or to be reminded when looking for a drink next time.

Its also a nice snapshot into historical vernacular (which sounds epically dry – sorry), and nice to now that people did actually talk like this, and this was the 50’s.

Despite obviously having been looking forward to this for a while it wasn’t as interesting as I’d have hoped, to be fair however I’d been waiting for this drink for a while (to get Benedictine to home) and I think I’d built it up a little in my mind, the sad truth is that the whiskey overpowers the Benedictines flavours and there potentially wasn’t enough lemon leaving the drink a little on the sweet side, and annoyingly more than a little ‘meh’.