Boyd – Recipe below from David Embury’s ‘The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks’

2 parts French Vermouth

2 parts Lime Juice

6 parts White Label Rum

1 teaspoonful of Raspberry Syrup to each drink

Shake cracked ice. Grenadine can be substituted for the raspberry syrup

I look at drinks like this in the books a lot, I always wonder how the vermouth will stand up against the other ingredients, lime juice and raspberry pack a lot of flavour, the rum is a little on the neutral side, but as expected the vermouth just gets bulldozed by the others. If anything it lightens the drink a little, by giving it length, and not too much booze. This is really a lighter raspberry rum sour.

In regards to its origins it’s a fairly common name, there’s no reference to the name and it doesn’t appear in Waldorf so it could be named for anyone.

A dull drink without even any interest in the name.